Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Thanks! Gracias! Merci!

Greg and I wanted to take a moment to thank EVERYONE who has been extremely supportive throughout this journey. I dont want to cheese anyone out with this posting but we both want to reiterate our thanks to ya'll. From the beginning..throughout the whole the last friday...and especially now... We have been blessed with such wonderful family and friends and couldn't ask for more. We would not have gotten this far without everyone's help and support and because of you guys, we'll get through this little NICU hurdle. We appreciate all the kind words, cards, emails, phone calls, home visits, hospital visits, all the food, flowers, and other goodies which have brought us sunshine on those dreary days when we've been feeling down or when i wasn't able to stand up long enough to cook dinner! (At least im mobile now, right?!)

We're very excited to show off our kids to you! We welcome anyone who wants to stop by and encourage you to do so, we only ask you that you call before coming to the hospital. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE don't think that we're pushing you off if we by suggest you come a certain day or time, it's just that we have to be extra careful bringing guests into the NICU. Like all babies, the little ones are very vulnerable right now, but even more so because of their size. As a result, they become easily overstimulated; therefore, for the sake of our children and their health, give us a heads up so we can properly space the visits out. Remember, WE WANT YOU TO VISIT!!

Thanks again, we love you all!!!

Smile! You're on Candid Camera

Greg was being sneaky earlier today and snapped this picture using his cell phone while he was holding Sulley. This is one of my favorite pics thus far. Need I say more?

Handsome Man

Colton asleep in my arms.... Not so Maggie-ish

Sulley or Maggie?

We love this picture because if you look closely, you'll notice some similarities between Sulley and Maggie Simpson. Not only does Sulley resemble Maggie with the huge paci in her mouth, she sounds like Maggie because she makes such a loud suckling noise.

Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Mommy Comes Home

So today Laura got to leave the hospital and come home. She is feeling great and ready to come home and sleep in our bed. We were both very sad to leave the little munchkins in their penthouse suite in the hospital, but we know its for the best. The nurse weighed both Colton and Sulley before we came home tonight and Sulley is our chunky chicken. She is actually above her birth weight already and coming in at 3lbs 10oz. Colton has lost just a little weight overall but has gained some over the past days as his feedings have increased. I'm sure he will be over his birth weight in the next day or so.

Monday, April 28, 2008

Kangaroo Kare

After an exhausting weekend, we began Monday by giving both Sulley and Colton lots of Kangaroo Kare. The skin to skin contact immediately calmed down a fussy Colton this morning, who went right to sleep on my chest after his feeding. Like brother, like sister, Sulley did the same thing this evening and immediately passed out on Greg as soon as her skin touched his chest. Shhh... don't tell but I even caught dad catching a few Z's in the chair while he was holding baby girl... somehow i think this will become a frequent occurance once we get home! After all, she is daddy's little girl!

Name that Twin

Guess who's who?!

Sleepy Head

Little Sulley Sleepy Head

Colton = Cool Hair?!

We made an exciting discovery today that Colton has cool hair! It's dark and kinda spikey, especially when it's been recently washed! (He obviously is taking after his mom if he's got good hair.) We were so excited about how good his hair looked that we even put a little baby gel in his hair so it looked cool for all his visitors! Everyone was just amazed at his little style!

It'll be interesting to see if it stays spikey or if it goes wild like his dad's crazy curls!

Baby Love

Sunday, April 27, 2008

A busy Sunday with Friends and Family

Sunday was an exciting day for everyone! Not only did mom get to hold Mr. Colton for the first time, but she and dad had their first chance at feeding and burping the little ones. Dad took everything one step further by having the opportunity to change a diaper or two.

We had lots of visitors today. Grandma Allen and Grandpa Allen stopped by on their way back to Roanoke. They too had held the babies for the first time. Grandpa Allen and his medical skills came in handy in a pinch today when little Colton's IV came out of his arm. Grandpa acted quick and reinserted the IV in a flash. Thank goodness for Grandpas!

Lindsay, Uncle Jud, Erin, and the Lee family all stopped by to say hello and to meet the double pounders. Aunt Jen and Uncle Brian brought cousins' Luke and Hannah to also meet the new fam!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

The arrival

At 5pm on April 25th, the double pounders made their grand debut. Colton weighed in a 3lb 10oz and was 16 in long and Sulley is longer and leaner at 3lb 9oz and 17.25in long. Mom is doing great and will have the epidural removed soon and will be able to visit them in the NICU. Both are doing great and no longer need any assistance breathing, which is amazing! We expect them to be in the NICU for about 4 weeks and Laura will be in the hospital for 3-4 more days.