Monday, June 28, 2010


where does all of this hair come from?

Saturday, June 26, 2010

my little gang

this is a pretty common sight in our house - greg with both kids in his arms. of course this picture was taken about an 1.5 after colton and sulley's normal bedtime. it was followed by giggling, playing airplane, hanging upside down, and dancing. who needs a bedtime on the weekend? colton and sulley are lucky to have such a fun dad.

By the way - take note of the bow in sulley's hair... we are currently in bow training. thanks to cousin lucy, sulley is practicing wearing one of her bows. she actually seems to love having them in her hair - well that was after she threw it in the toilet. it must be a love/hate relationship. when the bow is not in her hair, she screams, "booooooooow!" i think this particular night, sulley slept with it in her hair. hooray for bows and for sleeping and waking with them still in place!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Cooling off

There is no better way for kids to stay cool in the summer than by using the hose! this past weekend, we hooked up a sprinkler toy in the yard and let the kids run wild. everyone was drenched.

Miss Priss

still loving the bath

Bath time continues to be colton and sulley's favorite part of the day!

no shortage of hair

We snapped this pic just before colton's memorial day haircut! just love his wavy/curly locks!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Cont'd

The lake is fun because you learn get to learn new tricks...

and play under the covers on baba and grandad's bed....

the lake is so fun because baba will give you your own water bottle of tea...and we get to turn the water on and off as much as we like.....

and there is never a reason not to stop smiling!

Memorial Day Cont'd

The lake is always fun because....

we can make a mess and it doesn't matter when you're on the dock...

it's fun because ya get to spend lots of quality time with baba...

and grandad....

and you get to be silly and play with baba's toys....

and just get all the attention that you want!

Memorial Day Weekend at SML

We spent the holiday weekend with baba and grandad at SML. We managed to have lots of fun visiting with friends and playing in the water.

Of course, one of the first things Sulley did upon arrival was to find baba's closet and her shoes....

Never met a stranger--- Neighbor friends - Winston and Tiger Woods

It was hot on the dock but the water felt oh so good!