Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Snow Bunnies

Old man winter finally arrived and brought us more than just a few flurries of snow today. Colton and Sulley seemed to enjoy their first snow experience but unfortunately, we didn't get to spend much time playing in it. Actually, the DP's didn't play in it at all.. maybe tomorrow. It was getting late so we ran outside to snap a few pics. Our lighting is off and we're looking like raggamuffins but well you get the idea.
Cousin Linus and Colton playing nice

and not so nice.....

The ham, in all her glory ---playing with granddad Allen

Up Close & Personal

3 days shy of 9 months

Monday, January 19, 2009

sulley strides

While we've been confined to the house due to illness, Sulley has been practicing her new found skill of crawling. In fact, she's started to get bored with crawling and is now working on pulling herself up on things. Here she at the end of the coffee table, looking for items to grab. Of course she's wasting no time and on occasion, has actually pulled herself all the way up!

Friday, January 16, 2009


We'll miss not celebrating with ya'll at the shower but we'll be thinking of you!!

da nasties

What was supposed to be a short, exciting week, as we were getting ourselves ready to head to South Carolina on Thursday, has gone totally haywire and awry. As the story goes, yes, our family too, has caught a case of the nasties. Colton, Sulley, and I have got the awful virus that's floating around the area. It came on fast and furious and we're just now starting to mend. Luckily for us, Greg has managed to stay well and has been a huge help in the past 48 hours.

Monday, January 12, 2009

8.5 months

So at 8.5 months we've pretty much run the gammet on trying baby foods. It's still hard to tell what the favs are but both kids seem to have a likening for Sweet 'taters, apples, apple/blueberry, pears, peas (colton), green beans, puffs, wagon wheels, and popsicles. did i mention butter?

Sulley is crawling and trying to pull herself up. Here she is in the pic above, trying to hoist herself up on the tv stand shelves. She loves to sit on her knees and play. Meanwhile, Colton has started doing acrobatics in his crib and in his spare time, he practices the the rocking motions for the early stages of crawling.

Both kids are toothless but must be teething. I think im going to start pumping them up with Motrin before bedtime.


Colton seemed to have liked the cornbread....

...Sulley wasn't so sure!

kid with hair

Colton's hair is out of control. old news yes, but greg is again thinking of shaving his head. even though sulley hasn't regained the hair she lost, it's inevitble that she too will have great hair. We have the hair genes from both sides of the fam. b/t greg tight curls, babakay's wild hair, and granddad B's dark black, wavy, slicked back do at 58, we're sure to be ok!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Sulley vs Greg

Greg and Sulley have so much fun together in the evening...she mostly acts like a wild woman and tries to beat up on Greg but she's still daddy's girl...

This series of pics are probably some of my favs, it's just a glimpse into the interaction that goes on between the Sulley and Greg in the evening:

Monday, January 5, 2009

Creepy Crawler

OK, so maybe this picture looks more like Sulley is flying but whatever, you get the picture. It's kinda crazy that Colton and Sulley are over 8 months old now and Sulley is practically crawling. It's amazing how much both of them have progressed in the past month. From not really sitting up, to sitting up, to rocking, to dragging their bodies/feet and now to crawling. Sulley has almost got the rhythm down, every day she does a better and better job with putting one hand/one knee in front of the other. She's covering ground so well that it prompted Greg and I to buy our first baby gate. Of course we've yet to install the gate but hopefully we'll get to that installed before i hear tumbles down the stairs. Sulley loves crawling towards the floor vents and then she'll crawl under the tv. After she's bored with those, she tends to move on to the front windows and grabs at the cable cord that's stapled to the baseboards. funnnnn times!

Colton hasn't started crawling yet but he has started the rocking motion. At least for now I can keep up!

Gigi and Grandad's visit

Gigi and Granddad B were here last week! we had fun just hanging out, visiting, and playing with the kids. We had a lowkey visit and mainly shopped and managed to squeeze in a day trip to Annapolis! While the GP's were here, Colton and Sulley showed them how they're able to sit/stand/lean on Sulley's ATV. Even though they still dont know how to push the "GO" button like Max, they're still able to enjoy playing with such a fun toy.

"Im serious about riding ATVs"

Never Camera Shy

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Two Double O Nine


HAPPY NEW YEAR! what a year it's been and oh how we've come so far :) there's no need for recaps, that's what the blog is for! it's amazing to think how much our lives have changed and it's fun to think that life gets more and more exciting each day, month, and year!

Here's wishing you more happiness
Than all my words can tell,
Not just alone for New Years Eve
But for all the year as well.