Friday, August 20, 2010


Colton and Sulley love eat popcorn with their dad!

Cow Tippers in Training!

on strike!!

Greg and I finally bit the bullet took of the sides of Colton and Sulley's cribs so now they're officially in their "toddler" beds. Why? it was time. they both escaped around the holidays and we've just never had a good stretch of time to have them adapt. naps were becoming few and far between so why not?!

it's been a tiring transition but hilarious; only 3 naps in the past two weeks. all we can do is laugh. i don't have the time or the energy to worry if they nap or not. i've managed to snap a few pics from some of the funny stuff they've done.

climbed the changing table twice!
Notice the window in the back - they ripped the curtain off and crinkled the blinds.

who knew that dropping diapers behind your crib was so much fun?

clean diapers on floor!
dirty diapers from the trash can emptied on floor!

So we've had our fairshare of messes in their room, a whole roll of toilet paper shoved in the toilet, crib switching, bed jumping, furniture climbing, furniture moving,and well plenty of playing on the floor! i guess you know it's time to lock the door when at 3:45am you hear, "ma ma"and sure enough, sulley is downstairs sitting on the couch with the remote saying "i want pablo!"

Sunday, August 8, 2010

the two's

We're not quite at the two and half year point and life continues to only get crazier with colton and sulley. we find ourselves often forcing ourselves to turn our head trying not to laugh at their antics. both colton and sulley continue to play well together but are having more tug-o-war fights with toys. both seem to grasp the concept of trading but as we all know, it just doesn't always work. greg and i are trying to teach them manners (as much as we can at such a young age) and i have to far so good. they both seem to have a handle on their thank you's, your welcome, and sometimes, the occasional "excuse me." "I'm sorry" and "it's ok" is mostly heard from only sulley. We haven't started with the "sirs" and "ma'ms" but will soon enough. with that being said, their language skills are improving weekly. sulley has begun using simple sentences and colton continues to use mostly two and (some) three word phrases. colton and sulley practiced counting steps when we were in SC so we're trying to continue habit here. both have been singing to a few tunes and of course when they're not singing to the music, you may find them jumping around or "dancing" to the beat. no one is potty trained yet but sulley has successfully peed in the potty twice. effortless attempts!

Thursday, August 5, 2010


ah, the beach. there is nothing better than spending a week at the beach...except these days, there is NO relaxing on the beach, no reading on the beach, no leisurely sipping on beer or cocktails. it's more like a game of chase when kids are involved! overall, the beach was great; the kids got re acclimated with the sand and enjoyed playing in the water, learning to jump and ride waves, looking for clam diggers, and of course loved playing at the pool.

It was hard to get good pics this year because the kids are so busy, no one wants to stay still long enough to look at the camera.

sulley thinking that my dad pulled his blackberry from her belly.
Yes, you read that right. don't ask.
big d has a hobby - magic tricks.

rowan aka "ro-nan"

playing catch with dad on the beach is so much fun.
but yeah that's a football, not a watermelon.

the kids couldn't get enough of the pool.

typical sulley on the beach, sprinting back and forth


We spent the majority of July in greenville! it was lots of fun and nice to be home for more than just 48 hours. daily activities included playing ouside - sprinkler, pool, yard, am walks/runs, and visiting with family and friends. highlights included a visit with Elisabeth and Rowan, seeing great grandaddy, and also visiting the new children's museum in greenville.

lots of time spent on the Whirly Bird - if only little tykes still made this one!

This is a good example of what not to do at DLB's house

helping cousin rowan

Claude & company!

4th of July - SML

We couldn't have asked for better weather over the 4th of july. In typical long weekend fashion, we opted to get the hell out of dodge and invade 129 Catamaran Lane. Of course our activities included playing on the dock and in the lake, eating at bojangles, making a mess at baba and grandad's house, visiting "Woodys at SML" and also going to the Homestead Creamery. Best.Ice Cream.Ever!

Getting acquainted with the creamiest chocolate ice cream

Picking tomatoes at Woodys!