Thursday, July 31, 2008

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Smile for Me???

Very exciting things are happening for Laura and I now. Colt Dog and Sulley Bear have started smiling. This is very exciting because they only did 4 things for a while and none of those are extremely rewarding...eating, pooping, sleeping and crying. Don't get me wrong, I love every minute (well, most minutes) of those 4 things, but seeing a real smile for the first time is amazing and definitely the mot exciting thing they have done so far. For a little while, they were only smiling at me and I was worried that they thought I was a circus clown (with my big hair and nose), but of course they now smile at both Laura and I. We can't wait for the next big breakthrough...I think the next big step will be them saying dad in the next few days or so..

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Toe Jam

Last Thursday while Sulley and I were doing bicycle exercises with her legs, i made a startling discovery. I noticed that her little feet, toes in particularly, looked dirty. Could it be that Greg and I dont bathe her as often as we should? Every two weeks is fine, right?! ha, yes i know it's a little long. After all, it is amazing how much dirt and debris makes it's way between every little crevice of these bodies. I dont understand how Colton and Sulley's fingernails manage to get so dirty - it looks almost as if they've been digging in the dirt for worms! Instead of spending my mornings rubbing their backs after I feed them, I find myself spending the mornings cleaning out the underside of their fingers nails. But anyways -- back to their feet... Sulley's in particular - Yes, my startling discovery.... black, grimy, dusty, gunk. TOE JAM!!! Yes friends, babies have toe jam! Call me crazy but i never dreamed i'd be picking toe jam out of 3 month old toes. Wikipedia defines toe jam as "a substance accumulating between the toes"; The urban dictionary offers much better, detailed description of the word they define toe jam as "that grey-brown s#$%* that accumulates between your toes. Primarily composed of dead skin cells, sock fluff and sweat." GROSS!! Whatever the gunk may be, it's nasty and it doesn't belong on the precious, angelic feet of my kids.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Phat Hats

Colton and Sulley debuted in their first, mini, fashion show tonight. They both pranced down the catwalk showcasing the newest collection by "Bunnies by the Bay." Colton modeled "Tadbits Croak Cap", which first made it's American debut this Spring. Ooohhhss and Ahhhs could be heard as Colton made his way past some of Hollywood's hottest baby fashion icons! Sulley also rocked the runway modeling another new piece from the "Bunnies By the Bay" collection, "Lily Mae's Croakette Cap." This classic baby accessory had fashion week writers going bananas! Baby caps in lavender, cornflower, and Chartreuse colors are expected to been seen all season long in the hottest baby boutiques around!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Whaaaaat Happened?

Sulley -- On not knowing what just happened in her pants

Thursday, July 17, 2008

What is she doing??

I often wonder what's going through Colton and Sulley's head throughout the day. What exactly do they think when they see me?

Is it:
"Hurry up woman, give me my bottle! I'm hungry!!!"

or could it be:
"quit hitting me on my back, fool!....i've already burped, didn't you hear it?"

perhaps it's:
"are you ever going to change my diaper? it's been wet for hours and my bum is getting irritated"

it's probably something more like:
"dad is cool, but mom--you are much more fun!"

"My mom is so pretty, she's the most beautiful person in the world!"

or most often, they're probably thinking:
"You weirdo, why do you keep shoving that big camera in my face??"

Monday, July 14, 2008

Ralph Lauren model or Gangsta?

Fun in the Sun

A few snapshots from James and Becky's house:

Great Grandma and Colton

Sulley...doing her best to tan her fat rolls

Colton and Sulley enjoyed their Saturday by partying at Uncle James and Aunt Becky's house. Even though they couldn't sip on Bahama Mamas with the adults by the pool, they still had fun sipping on their bottles and watching everyone splash around in the water!  It was also a big day because they met many of their aunts, uncles, cousins, great grandma and Jack.  Thanks to Aunt Becky and  Uncle James who always know how to throw a fun party! We can't wait to come back and play!

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Playing at the Pool

Here's a pic of Lucy showing her cousins how to play in the pool and kick water! Colton and Sulley can't wait until they're big enough to play in the water with Lucy!

Friday, July 11, 2008

Cuddle time with the GP's

Baba and Grandad arrived last night and Colton and Sulley couldn't be happier.  They love being held 24/7 and are throughly enjoying all the cuddle time and taking naps on their shoulders! Thanks to babakay and grandad who also gave Greg and I a rest last night by taking the 4am shift! Yay!!  We spent this morning at Aunt Ing's and Cousin Lucy's house and then had lunch with everyone by the pool at Belle Haven after the boys finished playing golf.  Everyone's all tuckered out now and are resting soundly before the big pool party tomorrow at James and Becky's house!

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Just bummin' around

I know... but i just couldn't resist because i love these bloomers so much!  (Thanks Ellen!)  If you notice, Sulley's bum is much larger than Colton's! Dohhhhh

4th of July!

Beach years with all the cousins

Mark, Katie, and Colton


Colton and Sulley enjoyed their first 4th of July! Greg already told me that next year he wants to dress them in coordinating red, white, and blue outfits and put star shaped sunglasses on them and take our Christmas card picture.  Maybe we'll even take them to Pawleys Island for the annual 4th of July parade and take our picture there.  Being at the beach over the 4th when you're young was the best! We used to go every year with the entire Beard/Shayda family and would always spend the 4th together. (see first picture above)  

This year, Colton and Sulley spent their first 4th with Aunt Martha and Uncle Paul, cousin Mark and his fiance, Katie. (At least we had part of the ole Beach crowd!)  We spent the rest of the long weekend hanging out with family and friends, eating crabs, eating more crabs, and watching fireworks.   

Thursday, July 3, 2008

At the end of the day

Some nights...

Other nights...

Bust a Rhyme

my name is colton chase and  im 10 weeks old,
 growing so fast you'd think i was going for gold

i was born with lots of hair and it's all still there,
sticking straight up and givin' me my flair

whether is my blue eyes or may hair
i dont know but all ladies still stare

at me, yes a handsome, young thing
keepin all the ladies skippin' and wantin' to sing