Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Fun with the hose

Colton and Sulley's new favorite toy: the hose!
No better way to stay cool during the warm summer months!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Strawberry Pickin' at Homestead Farms

There is no better way to spend a beautiful saturday in may than picking strawberries!! Homestead Farms in Maryland is definitely the place to go. After picking blackberries and peaches last year at HF, we knew we were ready to go back for strawberries! A short drive from home, through beautiful Potomac, it's a no brainer.

What's even better, once you get there, is that there are live animals on the farm! A few baby goats, some hens, and dirty pigs were enough to keep colton and sulley amused.


colton ate a few berries but was more in awe of all the airplanes flying overhead.

sulley probably ate every berry her fingers touched!

We're looking forward to another summer trip to Homestead. Maybe soon for tart cherries, but definitely in July for peaches!!

Monday, May 10, 2010

Two Year Updates

It's hard to believe that our little double pounders are actually a double year old. They're pretty unique in their own crazy ways. Let's see...

Sulley continues to enjoy shoes. whether she's trotting around the house in her own shoes or someone elses, she really does't care. she loves to put on heels and clunk around upstairs. Sulley also still enjoys the swings at the playground. she'd be fine swinging all day. she's gotten pretty opinionated and gotten quite the attitude. she still loves her books and enjoys doodling. recently, she's become obessed with "my ga" or "my glasses" (sunglasses) and insists on having them at all times while in the car.

Colton has learned to gang up on his sister. While he's still not as fast as sulley, he's learned to start fighting back. Colton also still enjoys throwing balls and kicking his soccer ball in the yard. He's saying more and more each day, and has even said his own name a few times. His favorite word is "appy" or airplane and he's constantly looking and listening for them while outside. slightly obessessed is more like it. Colton recently enjoyed looking at all the airplines while we were traveling back and forth from Savannah. He also has a fond liking for his trucks and trains.

both colton and sulley are still mostly eating the same things. they love eating ice cream and drinking iced tea.

the craziness continues :)