Saturday, November 21, 2009

Jimmy Dean, you're my hero

as the thanksgiving holiday is approaching, we're all starting to get extra hungry...especially colton. im starting to count the minutes until we all sit down and stuff ourselves till we're full. everyone has their favorite foods and those certain dishes they are excited for. me -- i have a couple. greg CAN NOT WAIT to eat the white rice with his turkey and gravy!

one of my favorite thanksgiving holiday foods besides the turkey is the dressin! CORNBREAD and SAUSAGE dressin. pretty much all my favorite thanksgiving holiday foods involve sausage - jimmy dean to be exact. i guess that what happens when you grow up in the south.

id also like to remind you that no holiday is complete without sausage cheese balls. i didnt grow up in a family that spent a lot of time or effort on pre-holiday dinner snacks but one thing was certain -- while there probably wasn't any brie en croute, we did manage to have sausage cheese balls... oh how those little scrumptious balls of cheese, bisquick, and sausage (grease) can make you feel so warm and cozy on the inside...especially when paired with a bourbon and coke.

im fairly certain sulley will gobble them up in true sulley style -- you know---shove as many as she can in her mouth and then have to spit some out to make room to chew them up.

Monday, November 9, 2009

early sundays

Is their any money in dad's wallet? i want doughnuts!

i went to krispy kreme and all i got was this annoying hat and one chocolate iced glazed doughnut

whaaat happened? is their anything left in this bag?

i guess i'll share one last bite with dad....

a day at the park with the drennans

we took full advantage of the gorgeous weather this weekend and spent both days playing outside. on saturday, we spent the afternoon with the drennans at the park...


i just love the park


our attempt at getting a shot of the kids in matching "vail" fleeces but as you can see, sulley just wanted to go swing..

when she's not on top of the table dumping out salt, going through my purse, or dumping water over, sulley likes to sit at the table like a big girl.


one of sulley's latest obsessions is trying to walk around in shoes...

Tuesday, November 3, 2009


our jack-0-lantern that got 'jacked' (and im not kidding either)

Raggedy Andy

Raggedy Ann and Andy

Our first Halloween in our new neighborhood was a blast! We enjoyed meeting many of our fellow North Arlington neighbors at a neighborhood Halloween parade and cookout. The costumes were a hit! Thanks to gigi, who made them from scratch! We're already planning costumes for next year!

Halloween Eve

Megan, Leslie, and I cohosted the Halloween party for all the little munchkins. The "mummy and me" party was a success! Of course it was chaotic but it was a great way to end October and a fun way to spend a friday afternoon, in anticipation of a fun, halloween weekend!

Daniele and Harper

Megan and Connelly