Friday, August 29, 2008

Happy Labor Day Weekend!

We're heading to Smith Mountain Lake for the weekend to hang out with Baba and Grandad and the Allen/Drennan/Scanlon crew! Our first big road trip with the DP's will be interesting, as we've never been on a long car ride with them. They've already told me that they'd like to stop at Chickfila.

C&S are excited about their first trip to the lake! They're looking forward to meeting all sorts of Franklin County people and who knows, maybe if they're lucky, they'll get to see the scary carp at the bridge. gross!

We're really excited to see the lake house in all it's renovated glory! Baba and Grandad have been renovating the house for months now and are finally ready for all the kids to tear it up!

Starting Solids!

We started feeding Colton and Sulley solids on Wednesday. It wasn't their first time having cereal, as they've been getting rice cereal in their bottles and well, GiGi was feeding them cereal at the beach. They did experience oatmeal for the first time and also oatmeal mixed with prunes! Mmmmm tastey! (i know your mouth is watering as you read this) We're working on our third day of trying solids so no complaints yet. So far so good, so in few days we'll try butternut squash or carrots and then maybe peas. get excited!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Shopping with Leslie and Lillian

We spent this afternoon at the mall with Leslie and Lillian. Colton, Sulley, and Lillian were all on their best behavior while we strolled through Tysons. I promise not to post every cute item I buy for the kids but I can't help but show everyone what I purchased today:

I've had my eye on these camo shorts from Janie and Jack for about two months now. You probably can't tell in the picture, but there are cute little orange alligators stitched on them. Because they're a longer style short, Colton will hopefully get some use out of them during the late winter, early spring. For a warmer look, I think I may even layer his polo with an orange thermal top. Paired with some cute brown boots or tan/khaki tennis shoes, he'll be ready to conquer the world!

$10 at OLD NAVY!!! I know, i know, run out and get some! I love these little driving moccasins! They look like they could pass for baby Cole-Haans. I bought these big as well, as I want her to get as much use out of these as possible. Oh boy, these are great shoes for transitioning seasons with. They'll be perfect with a dress or skirt or even with jeans by adding a little extra, dressier flair. Dressy casual and fun; sophisticated yet sassy.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

4 month check up!

Colton and Sulley ventured out today for their 4 month check up! They thoroughly enjoyed their visit with Dr. Myers and the nurses at NoVa Peds! The twins are continuing to catch up well with full term babies so Greg and I were pleased. Today, Sulley weighed in at 11.6 pounds and was 23 inches long; Colton was 10 pounds and 23 inches long. Both have met the important milestones of smiling, laughing, a little babbling, and sticking their fingers or fists in their mouths! We're continuing to work on rolling over and strengthening Colton's neck a little bit. It's time to start introducing solids so we're guaranteed to have some funny pictures and big messes! Prior to today, Colton and Sulley have already tried rice cereal, bananas (thanks GiGi) and well you know... a dab of this and that--sugar free chocolate pudding, hot fudge, banana pudding, etc. They've also licked/sucked a strawberry, a pretzel, and a peach! Big surprise, i know...Greg and I are such bad parents for letting them have fun prior to 4 months!

Here's hoping the food introduction goes well! Haaaaa!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

Picnic in the Park

We spent a beautiful Saturday having a picnic at Founders Park in Old Town Alexandria. Colton and Sulley enjoyed their fist picnic because they were doing what they do best...SLEEPING! We're looking foward to the future picnics where we'll be chasing each other in the grass and flying kites!

Friday, August 22, 2008

Cookie Monsters

Colton ad Sulley had a very busy day yesterday of eating and sleeping. The only good way to finish off a crazy day like that, is to make chocolate chip cookies. Colton already has the recipe memorzied (just like his dad) because he read a great column about new chocolate chip cookie recipes in the morning paper a couple days ago. Once the cookies came out of the oven, we had to struggle to keep the kids out of the kitchen so they wouldn't eat all of them. They really did enjoy their first time having a warm choc chip cookie and a cold glass of milk (nothing like it). The picture of Colton shows his reaction when Mom and I told him that he couldnt have a second cookie. He was so unhappy with mom and dad that he went straight to bed and slept until almost 6:30 this morning. He really knows how to punish us. Sulley enjoyed her cookie so much that Mom had to go down and wake Sulley up around 6:45 ths morning since she was peacefully sleeping and dreaming of more cookies.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Colton's Wednesday

I'm posting this picture because I think it's funny. Colton loves to lay on the floor and put his arms above his head but this is picture especially cute because his little arms are folded, behind his head. He's just chillin'

Colton must be going through a growth spurt today or else he's hungry from our walk because the little guy has been eating every 2.5 hours and is scarfing down about 120mls each time! He's slowly catching up to Sulley!

Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Sulley -- relaxing in the swing (thanks cousin Lucy) with her new froggie friend.

Coltdog with his new dragon

Colton and Sulley recently got a new toy -- their WUBBANUBS! These little stuffed animals have a pacifer attached to them, which supposedly makes it easier for the kiddos to get back into their mouth. It really just looks like they're trying to eat Beanie Babies. I ordered a little red dragon WubbaNub for Colton and a green frog for Sulley. When Sulley isn't trying to eat the thing, she seems to truly enjoy having her frog friend at her mouth; Colton could care less...

wubba wubba wubba

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Hair Loss!

I awoke one recent morning to find a surprise in Colt dog's crib. No...not spit up or even poop, but HAIR! There was so much hair on his sheets, it looked as if the dog we dont have had been laying in his crib, shedding a coat! I have to admit that the hair loss initially made me sad to think that Colton may no longer have cool hair but i'm not going to let it get me down. No matter how little he has, Greg and I will do our best to ensure that he's looking his best! Besides, hair loss in babies is actually exciting since it could come back a completely different color and texture. Could we have blond curls on the way? Probably not!

View from the top!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Mama Tootie & Papa Fruity

Colton and Sulley had another exciting day today as they met their other great grandparent's for the first time. We went to Aunt Maaaatha's for brunch and spent some quality time with her and uncle paul and also great grandma naomi and grandaddy claude, who are visiting from SC. Colton enjoyed showing them how he likes to sleep and snuggle on their shoulders; Sulley, on the other hand, showed her strength by demonstrating her wiggle worm capabilities. Both Colton and Sulley were thrilled to have finally met their great grandparents and are excited about spending more time with them throughout the week!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

The DP's Breakfast Favs

Two of Colton and Sulley's most favorite foods are peaches (grown in SC) and bacon! Both enjoyed eating lots of this for breakfast while on vacay.

First Trip to the Beach

Colton and Sulley had a blast at Hilton Head. Both did well on the plane rides and only cried while the planes were landing. We quickly shoved a bottle or paci in their mouths and they were fine.

It was a very exciting trip because we were greeted at the airport by Grandaddy David. We also were met by Aunt Kathy and Uncle Gordon, who stopped by long enough to say hello to the DP's. Colton and Sulley met Aunt Elisabeth and Uncle Jason for the first time as well as Great Grandma Margie and Great Grandaddy Ken. They were spoiled with gifts - fun toys, cute outfits, and new baby Puma socks. That's right, moooove over Trumpettes, Puma socks are hooooottt.

Hilton Head was sunny and hot - just perfect! Colton and Sulley dipped their toes in the sand and the ocean and then immediately fell asleep. We dipped Sulley in the pool and she of course found it very refreshing! We look forward to spending next summer at the beach when the little ones are able to stay out in the sun for longer periods of time and will actually be able to play in the pool!

Monday, August 4, 2008

Hilton Head

We're starting August off with a bang! We're blogging remotely and have headed to Hilton Head for the week to spend it with the Great Gma Margie and Gdaddy Ken, Gigi and Grandad, and Aunt Elisabeth and Uncle Jason. The plane ride went beautifully; Sulley got a little upset as we landed in ATL and Colton got a little upset when we landed in Savannah but both were fine as soon as we shoved a bottle in their mouth and forced them to swallow! We just took them down to the beach for the first time and they loved it! Of course they were asleep and Colton let out a yelp as the waves hit his toes, but they both quickly likened to the soft, sinking sand on their feet. Tomorrow we'll be a little more prepared and hope to snap more great pics!

We're already excited for next summer once all the babies are grown up!