Sunday, February 21, 2010

lunchtime photos

Some of the best photos we have of the kids have been taken during lunchtime, simply because it's the only time they're somewhat still. nevermind all the food on their faces and half chewed up food on their clothes!

Rockin'the faux-hawk again

Blue Steel

Chocolate milk, a lunchtime treat!

Yah, i know i'm cute, even with food on my face!

EHB hat photo shoot

Colton: (Thinking to himself) Why do you always hog the phone?
Sulley to caller: Wooooow.... that is crazy

omg, are you serious? i didnt know he liked her....

Friday, February 12, 2010

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Almost 23 months!

the kids are as cute as ever and as animated as they come! both have climbed/fallen out of their cribs and are continuing to walk/climb/run any chance they get. we may as well not own a couch anymore, because the kids are constantly ripping off the cushions and trying to build forts or attempting acrobatics on the cushions.

Sulley definitely is our talker. She's starting to say more and more words and some simple sentences. as every day passes and with more jabber, we're able to decipher what she's saying. sulley still loves baths but hates pajamas. for instance, in the first three minutes of me having her up and downstairs, she managed to take off her pj's and put on her pink boots. after giving her some time to play in her diaper and boots, i eventually put her PJs back on her. NOT five minutes later, the pjs were off again but this time she was prancing around in her diaper and dress up shoes. She also is starting to help clean up and throw 'trash' away. Sulley also has the tendency to find the smallest crumb on the floor and will bring it to your attention.

Sulley continues to chug milk and probably prefers milk over any other liquid. she's laid off the cheese a little bit but still loves chicken, meatballs, potatoes, sausage egg and cheese biscuits from McD's, ICE, all fruit, cheerios, toast, and hummus.

Colton is still jabbering and trying to say words but will probably need a little extra push! He's getting around pretty fast and loves to throw balls. He actually has a pretty good arm, so Big D should be proud. He's started to also dislike wearing his socks but hasn't taken off his clothes yet. He's tried by pullng on them and 'saying' "off" but no success yet. He loves his trucks and blocks and also enjoys knocking every freakin thing of the table.

Colton will drink his milk but nothing like Sulley. Colton's drink du jour is mostly milkshakes or smoothies. He continues to eat almost all fruit, cheerios, meatballs, waffles, cheese crackers, and sausage. Colton is mostly a snacker like greg and tends to be more of a social eater ;)

It's never a dull day, that's for sure!!

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Tired of snow yet?

*photos courtesy of JTA

Normalcy in St John

cutest baby on the beach

another one of my glorious ideas for a photo op
(note - the pic does NOTHING to tell you how beautiful the beaches in st john truly are)

yours truly

did you notice?? dad shaved his beard!

da drennans

St John 2010

it's hard to believe that this year was our 4th year in St John! looks like we picked a great week to be away! a big shout out to mom who babysit and took on a few extra days while we were stuck in paradise!

id' like to send another big shout out to mom and dad allen for letting us come with them and stay the week and to betsy and ryan and linus who also made the trip super fun. We missed you Scanlons and jud and ing!!

greg and i relinquished all responsibilities for the week and literally did NOTHING but lay on the beach, drink cocktails, and plan our next trip to Woodies!! we did manage to squeeze some "exercise" into the vacay by incorporating some pool volleyball and two hikes. as always, we met some super interesting folks on the island and never had one dull day.

we were so lazy, that we barely took our camera anywhere. most of the scenic photos are on other cameras so you'll have to wait for those. we did manage to get some beautiful shots on our hike to Chocolate Hole and while having dinner at Asolare but mostly - our pics do not belong in a travel brochure.

This particular night these photos were taken, we thought we were hilarious. We are (I am) normal, i swear.


Ryan photo bombing mom allen


Jan 2010

it's hard to believe that January has already past we've moved into February. we've been busy and very tired - trying to battle icky colds and coughs and all this icy weather DC has been experiencing. picture taking has been slacking but here are funniest ones we've taken all month:

Sulley - the classiest of them all

Colton and his football pose

The football; my buddy

socks are more fun on the hands