Saturday, October 24, 2009

Monday, October 19, 2009

a haircut and dum dums too!

Sulley enjoying a dum dum after Colton's haircut

this look is a little more stylish than my old mop

fun before bed

Sunday, October 18, 2009

More cheese (crackers) please

In our house, meal time has become one of the most annoying times for us...probably because we have one picky eater and one child who will eat anything!! Food with kids is always very hot and cold -- one day they love hamburgers, the next they wont touch them. one week they'll eat waffles every morning, the next week they gag when you put them on their tray. One constant though is CHEESE. shocker. because both families LOVE cheese so the kids were naturally expected to chow down.

last weekend, grandad allen gave sulley 6 pieces of cheese with her dinner and she ate everyone of them. some how i think it was just an excuse for grandad to also have six pieces of cheese himself ;)

both kids LOVE their grilled cheese.

both kids used to love mac n cheese.

both love GOLDFISH

but more recently, thanks to our friends, we've discovered the trader joes mini cheese sandwich crackers or otherwise known as ritz bitz cheese sandwiches. it's hiliarious watching sulley and colton shove as many crackers in their mouth as they can... having one fist full of more crackers, and the other free hand is digging for more. BUT if you know my kids, you know that at least a third of these crackers will somehow 'fall' out of their mouth and end up on the floor... or sometimes one will inhale a cracker and then it all comes up!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Sometimes i keep my kids caged up inside all day....or cooped up in their stroller. i guess they've had enough of the walks or trips to target, harris teeter, and trader joes.

is it bad that colton and sulley stand at the front door, trying their hardest to open the door to get outside?

i guess i should take a hint.

now that the kids have become mobile, we've been trying to spend more time outside but it too has it's challenges, especially when the area you're playing is not fenced. If it's not the temperature outside - it's the bugs. if it's not the bugs, then it's not a good time to the head to the park. there is always a reason not go outside. Since most of the 'skeeters are gone and it's not sweltering hot, i imagine we'll spend most of the fall afternoons outside until it's too cold and i have to put my kids back in their cages. sad, i know. i guess this means more time inside with friends and more time spent exploring indoor play areas. more yo gabba gabba? let's just hope they have some new episodes.

Monday, October 5, 2009


It's hard to believe that October is already here!! We've begun the month with a bang - welcoming a new nephew/cousin Reece, born Oct 2nd!! We're waiting on yet another new nephew/cousin that's due any day....and also are waiting on the arrival of a few new friends that are due this month too! We've participated in some fun fall activities, like visiting a local farm in Maryland and taking a wagon ride around the historic grounds. We're looking forward to visiting the pumpkin patch in the coming weeks and promise to snap plenty of pics of the kids nestled amongst the pumpkins.

We've celebrated one birthday thus far, run a 10 miler, and will celebrate a wedding this weekend. We'll finish out the month with more more birthdays, another run (10k this time), and also Halloween! Whew!

In other news, the kids keep passing germs and are constantly battling the sniffles. Tis the season! Sulley's continuing to try and spit out words but it mostly comes across and one big jumble. Colton continues to work on walking and also talks some jibberish. Both kids are enjoying stacking blocks, toys, and other miscellaneous items. They're also becoming pros at not napping in the morning.

Sulley has found a favorite fall past time - collecting acorns! If you're quick enough, you may spot her occasionally nibbling on a select few acorns...which im sure is a great source of fiber!

Rowan Reece Anders

Colton and Sulley have a new cousin - Rowan Reece Anders, born Friday Oct 3rd! Wahoo, he's precious! Congrats to Elisabeth and Jason! We can't wait to meet him!!