Monday, June 30, 2008

two months and battle wounds to show!

Colton and Sulley had their two month check up on friday and all was well.  They were supposed to start getting some of their immunizations but because they still had a runny nose, we decided to wait until July.  They did get one shot - a second Hep B.  The pic above is a shot of Colton's battle wounds -- the hep b shot site and the other is where the nurse drew some blood. ( i have to admit that the nurse initially put a band aid on him that had daisy's and tweety bird! I was not going to allow my son to wear such a girly band aid, so i switched it out with TAZ!)

Weights are up - Sulley now weighs 7lbs, 10 oz and Colton is lagging behind at 6lbs 9 oz.  The good news is that they're almost caught up with full term babies... so much that Dr. Myers is using the full term baby chart vs the preemie charts! yay!!

Sunday, June 29, 2008

Not so much...

Like brother, like sister

Salamander Sulley

One of Sulley's favorite things to do is to stick out her tongue; therefore, we sometimes refer to her as Salamander Sulley.  

Monday, June 23, 2008

Boogie Woogie

Both Colton and Sulley have gotten my head cold and seem to have boogers constantly dripping from their noses. I think i finally feel like a mom now that I can honestly say that i love using the aspirator. As much as they hate the freakin thing, i love it. It's actually kinda fun sucking their boogers out with this tool, it's almost like a treasure hunt. I know, i sound gross saying that but just wait until you try it. Not only are the kids happy that you've cleared their nasal passages, but you're happy because you struck gold!! Just be careful, overuse of the aspirator can cause the inside of their nose to swell and make things worse. ( PS steal the one from the hospital, they're supposedly the best)

another new love

I dont know what has taken me so long to purchase this over priced chocolate milk from Starbucks but now i know what i've been missing. I'm probably one of the last people to actually try this, but now i know why so many young kids go ga ga over this stuff. Yes, Horizon Organic Chocolate milk is my new love. Not only is it creamy and sweet but it tastes NORMAL and not too artifically icky sweet; more importantly, it comes packaged in the perfect little juice box size, complete with a cute cow on the box. It's the best pre-made chocolate milk i've had i last had the real deal from the Homestead Creamery from Southwest VA which comes in the good ole glass milk jug. I can't wait for Colton and Sulley to start drinking this stuff, just so I can have a good excuse to finish their leftovers. They already love it, I just know it!

The "other" Dr. Allen

Greg and I have taken it upon ourselves to change things up a bit with the kiddos regarding their medications and their own cocktail mixture that makes up their bottles. As a result, I've started to refer to greg as the "other" dr. allen! Not only did we decide to increase their Reglan dosage on or own, but we also took it upon ourselves to take them off the awful Pregestimil formula and put them on good ole Enfamil - a MILK based formula. We've decided that the whole milk protein intolerance issue is and that there is no need for me to be on a dairy free diet. (not that i really have, i've been eating all kinds of creamy foods, cheese, lasagnas, smoothies, and ice cream among others.) So far, the Enfamil seems to be well liked by the DP's. Besides, we couldn't help but to try a different formula since the DP's have decided to refuse any bottles that are partially mixed with Pregestimil.

Before switching reflux meds ourselves, we did finally pay a visit to the GI doc. It was a successful visit, we left with yet another increased dosage of Reglan and the DP's have been switched from Zantac to Prevacid!! YAY!!! We also found out that basically Mylacon isn't helpful, so save your money. REPEAT, SAVE YOUR MONEY on the useless drops. Don't ask me to explain this, but honestly I wasn't surprised to hear her tell us this as we've discovered the past few days that nothing helps Miss Sulley's daintly toots (hardly dainty!) ;)

Friday, June 20, 2008


The Bruiser

Miss Innocent

Fun with Lillian

Gigi, the kids and I spent time on Monday with Leslie, Lillian and Cyndi!  We spent most of the time chatting and reminiscing of the good ole days when Leslie and I were running around the neighborhood acting like fools.  Seems like only yesterday we were having an ice skating birthday party and making our party favors... you know painting flower pots that no one really wanted anyways!

More Smack Talk'in

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Wonderfully Scent-ual

Are you trying to rid your home of the baby poop and baby toot smell? What about the smell of baby puke?  If you are, then i have the perfect answer for you... Archipelago candles! Yes, many of you are probably familiar with this brand of soy candle because they're responsible for the lovely 'monogram' candles that you see in nice home stores.  If i can't have a Tyler candle (my other fav) then I opt for an Archipelago! My new favorite scent - Charleston - is part of their 'excursion' line. Charleston is the perfect blend of tuberose, hyacinth and jasmine that takes you back to that summer evening in the south, where you're swinging on your porch, sipping a nice, cold cocktail, without a worry in the world.

PS - get them at your local Nordys


As illustrated in the pic above, Colton LOVES to prop his feet when he's sleeping in the moses basket! I've also caught him in a similar pose on the boppy - laid back with one foot up and one arm hanging off the side! Presh!

Friday, June 13, 2008

Dixieland Delights

The South rose again this week as we were invaded by my fellow Southerners. It's been a huge help having mom around. Not only are the piles of laundry mysteriously disappearing, but meals are magically being put on the table, and she even babysat last night while we went to have drinks with friends in georgetown!

We've also made the decision to call mom - GiGi!! I know, kinda crazy but it's fun...and very fitting since her name is Ginnie. Besides, mom doesn't look like a granny and well the name grandma wont work, nor will nana or mimi... She's way too cute and fun to be called something that makes you think about an old haggard. She still wears normal clothes and shoes and walks normally. We can't make her sound like she's 30 years older than she is!! GiGi it is, no questions asked!

Here's Aunt Lucy (Luuuuuuucy) who's visiting from SC and Aunt Martha (maaaaa'tha) here with Colton!

And.... here's Uncle Carey with Sulley!! He looks like a natural! No Grandkids for him yet, but I'm sure it won't be too long...

Monday, June 9, 2008

Our Weekend

Here are some great shots from our action packed weekend of sitting inside our condo due to the million degree heat outside.  

Friday, June 6, 2008

Helpers and Greg's last day before going back to work

Uncle Jud stopped by this evening and managed to change a few diapers and fed Sulley!

Leslie visited us this morning and was also gracious enough to feed Sulley and also spent time bonding with Colt45. Leslie is preggers and due in the next few weeks! We're all excited to meet baby Peregoy. HURRY UP!!!


It's been fun having greg home for the past week! In addition to hanging around the house and visiting with family and friends, we've taken the kids on numerous walks, to target, to home depot, the Teeter, and to the Eastern Market among others. Once greg returns to work on Monday, I positive he'll miss Colton and Sulley... but most of all he'll miss watching me being 'sprayed' by Colton or miss watching Colton accidentally spray the wall again, Sulley's never ending toots and her rabid animal feedings. Mostly, he'll miss the symphony of grunts that seems to be constantly playing in the background. Once Colton starts, Sulley chimes in.... and the next thing you know, Beethoven's Symphony #5 can be heard in the background! I'm sure encores will be played once he gets home from work!


Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The Donald

Colton - impersonating Donald Trump

"What'chu talkin' 'bout, Willis?"

Here's Sulley giving her brother an earfull but as you can see, Colton is quickly learning to ignore her.

Last night, we put the chilluns in the crib to see how they'd react to the mobile which plays classical music while brightly colored animals float around.  Needless to say, Colton seemed more interested in the sight and sounds; Sulley was too busy giving Colton an earful...AGAIN.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Monday visit with Dr. Meyers

We took Colton to his first dr's appointment today with Dr. Meyers and Sulley conveniently had her two week check up at the same time. Colton received a gold star and was even complimented on his "great muscle tone." Those "Allen calves" are already apparent on his tiny little legs. Colton Chubster Allen tipped the scale at a whopping 5lbs 5 oz, while Sulley is behind at 5lbs 2oz. Sulley had a great check as well but Dr. Meyers informed us that she's not gaining weight as quickly as she'd like to see; therefore, she recommended that we add teaspoon of rice cereal to her bottles!! The first try didnt go so well, i mixed the cereal with half milk and half formula... Sulley quickly spit it out and even tried to push the bottle out of my hand. When i mixed the cereal with all milk, she took it down in her normal hungry animal fashion. The funniest part is though it seems as if Sulley's taste buds have suddenly changed because all of the sudden, she refuses to drink just Pregestimil. Honestly, i can't blame her at all, i wouldn't want to drink something that smelled like burnt broccoli either... at any rate, this makes our lives easier because we can keep a huge vat of milk/formula mixture in the fridge.

We ended our day with a walk through Shirlington and stopped by the Teeter for a few things. The most challenging part was pushing our "train" of a stroller up the hill home. I seriously thought we were going to have to call for back up. I guess i won't be making that stroll much by myself and if i do... for those that live in the area and travel through shirlington, please keep an eye out for me as i may be one day calling you for a tow home.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

I'm still Older!!!

Sulley was talking trash to Colton during his long anticipated exit from the NICU.  She was commenting on how she is a better eater than Colton and he replied "Look at my shirt sis. I won the big race and you'll always be my little sister."  Sulley's only reply was one of her trademark belches after a big bottle... Welcome Home DoublePounders. Its gonna be a fun ride from here.


First Night Home!!

 The double pounders and Hannah, Luke, and Zach

Here's Cousin Lucy is showing her new cousins her skills -- she's learning to stand....and fly

As soon as Colton came home, we dashed over to Jud and Ing's to show him off.  Everyone was was surprised when we walked in with two carriers, not just one!  Colt45 and Sulley had so much fun with their cousins that they're already asking when they can play with Lucy, Luke, and Zach again and when cousin Hannah is going to babysit ;)

Our night went as expected... we tried jumping in bed early and catching some Z's until the rabid animal girl started crying because she was hungry again.  Once her belly was full, i went to bed and had my eyes closed for all about 30 seconds when i heard Colton crying.  Greg's turn!!  Both of us were up at 3 and i got up again at 6:15am...Coffee was served at 7:30am and greg had made bacon and eggs by 8:30 so no biggy!

After a trip to target and lunch with friends, both are enjoying some quiet tummy time!  It won't be long until tonight's party begins...