Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Such a hard life...

The Saddest faces ever....



Thursday, December 25, 2008

First Christmas in pictures

Spending Christmas with the double pounders was exciting as Santa was good to everyone. I just realized that we didn't take as many pictures as I originally thought we would; i guess we were too busy playing with the new toys and drinking mimosas. Anywho's, we've decided to spare you the boring details and post a few of our favorite snapshots from today...

Yay! New books to slober on!

Christmas Day or Oktoberfest?

(No caption needed)

Colton's new favorite outfit from grandad B... red john-john suit with tractors!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve

We spent Christmas Eve at Jud and Ing's with the family that stayed in town. Cousins Zach, Luke and Hannah were very sweet to play with Colton, Sulley, and Lucy throughout the night. We had fun visiting and watching Christmas Vacation and pretty much stuffing our faces...you know, practicing for tomorrow's feast!

We forgot our camera but Jen was kind enough to snap a few pics from the night.

So it's Christmas Eve and 55 degrees outside. weird, because it was about 19 degrees earlier in the week and well it feels more like late fall than winter. You'd think we were in SC. Because it's was so mild outside and still early, we felt the need to go "bobbing" around Shirlington. our christmas eve stroll was fun except we didnt see too many homes adorned with Christmas light displays. the most exciting sight was the insanely tacky inflatable snow globe that's so heniously displayed down the street.

But...even if it's not cold and snowy and there isn't an endless display of holiday lights, it still feels like Christmas when you're at home sitting on your couch with your fam, watching old Christmas movies and occasionally glancing over at your beautifully lit tree...thinking about how all your holiday wishes from the past year have come true.

Merry Christmas Ya'll!!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Happy 29th Birthday!

Happy Birthday, Dad! You always are there for us, night and day (literally) and you always are finding the positive in the negative and your unconditional love is apparent in all you do. You're always out to have a good time and are constantly playing with us and teaching us fun things. You're the most thoughtful and loving dad we could have ever hoped for. Happy Birthday!

Love, Colton & Sulley

Sunday, December 21, 2008

puttin' the block on

Colton loooves to push our buttons and 'put the block on' when we're trying to get him to eat. This picture pretty much sums up what he does -- sucks on his wubbanub with his jaws on lock down and then he'll put his hand over his face...pretty typical of ole colt-dog.

Ribbons and Bows, are better than my toes

Yes, you heard it, ribbons and bows are better than toes. Colton and Sulley opened a pre-Christmas gift last night once we got home. They spent almost 15 minutes just playing with the yellow and gold ribbon on the package. It was hilarious watching them jump up and down, throwing their arms in the air, and pulling the ribbon every way they could. It's amazing what simple little things provide the youngins with such pleasure. I can't wait to see them rip apart more presents on Christmas morning.

Thanks to Gigi and Grandad for Santa's Milk and Cookies plate and mug. Santa will definitely enjoy eating his cookies now that he has something cute to eat them off of.

An Early Christmas at The Scanlons

We got a head start on Christmas this year by celebrating on Saturday with the Allen and Scanlon crew. The fun started just as soon as we walked in the door.

Sulley immediately spotted grandad Allen's hat and thought it was the perfect accessory for her Christmas dress. She decided to have a small fashion show and was kind enough to stop long enough to pose for a few shots...

The traditional way to wear the hat...

Winter 2008 look

The fun continued once the beer started flowing and the bottles were being passed... Aunt Jen took it upon herself to show colton how to drink from the big boy bottle.

Colton preferred this bottle much more than his own bottle....

The fun continued as we all opened gifts and watched the kids play with their new toys. Colton and Sulley mostly enjoyed spending the evening with their fam and playing with their new cousin, Linus.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Visiting Santa

We took Colton and Sulley to Tysons to see "the" Santa and it was pretty much anti-climatic. We waited in line for about 30 minutes and chatted with other moms and nannies but it probably would have passed quicker if we were drinking spiked coffee and eating hot krispy kreme donoughts. maybe next year! Santa held both Colton and Sulley for a whopping 1.5 minutes while the photographer snapped a couple of pictures. Sulley was more interested in the fur on Santa's outfit than telling him what she wants for Christmas and Colton just starred at him, giving Santa the occasional smirk. All in all it went well, no tears were shed and we succeeded in purchasing an overpriced USB thingy with 3 pictures loaded on it. Whatever though, it was fun and their first visit with Santa.... truly a memorable occasion that's priceless!!

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Happy 1st Birthday, Max!

Colton and Sulley took baby birthdays to a whole new level on saturday when they hopped on their first party train! (see Max's blog).

The Party Train

Once the train stopped, the party kept going, except this time on Max's ATV. Max, being the good host that he was, showed the DP's how he can ride off into the sunset...in his condo. Colton and Sulley are now hoping that Santa drops off new ATVs for them to play with in the new year!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Christmas 2008

Ahhhh yes, it's finally time to spread the holiday cheer! We've started out the holidays with a bang and are making merry as we travel (leaving a trail of spit up behind) from one holiday party to the next!

Colton and Sulley have had their Christmas outfits for almost two now and we're getting a little anxious to start wearing them. Their coordinating smocked john john and dress made their debut last night as we celebrated the other Mimosa Mommies and the hubbies!

Holiday 2008

DP's and LB

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

I'm gonna getcha

Circus Monkey

I'm begining to wonder if my son belongs in the circus. You'd think he was born into the Ringling Bros family by the ways he sticks his feet in his mouth. He's not alone...little miss sulley has also been caught in the act. If i'm not careful, they'll prob choke on their own toe jam. yum!

If only Colton liked his bottle as much as he likes his toes... maybe then he'd chunk up some. Greg and I are seriously thinking about coating his paci and all toys with pure butter just to add calories to the mix!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

True Allen Kids

This past weekend was a monumental weekend for the kiddos. Not only was it Colton and Sulley's first Thanksgiving, it was also their first time staying alone with their grandparents for the weekend, but more importantly, it was their first time trying CHEESE DIP and MASHED POTATOES AND GRAVY!! Yes, they passed the test, the dps are true Allen kids...

mmmmm cheese dip!

cheese dip + football - baby formula = happy Colton

Mashed 'taters and gravy

Real man food!

Thanksgiving at SML

We spent Thanksgiving at Smith Mtn Lake with babakay and grandad! Colton and Sulley had a wonderful time hanging out and taking advantage of their time at the lake. They had the most fun just chillin' with grandad in his chair and playing ball with baba.

Playing ball with Baba

Chillin with grandad in his chair by the fire...

grandad and sulley dancing....
(and SHOUT! wasn't even playing)