Thursday, April 30, 2009

Sunday, April 26, 2009

The DP's take the cake!

cupcakes = the ultimate party food - aside from cocktails :) if only i had a picture of sulley from friday. while kicking off the wknd with a MM picnic in the park, sulley decided to maul the chocolate cupcakes that page made and proceeded to paint her whole entire face and body in chocolate frosting. if only she had done this yesterday! The best part about the whole thing is that after the picnic, we had to run errands so i dragged my kid around town with chocolate all over her -- im not even kidding you when i tell you it was in the corner of her eyes! so here's the dainty miss thang, attacking the cupcake in a more daintily fashion.
Colton stuck his finger in the chocolate frosting on friday but did manage to do a little more than that yesterday by eating a few bites of the bright yellow frosting!!

a cupcake's not a cupcake without some multicolored sprinkles!

who wouldn't want a Georgetown cupcake?

A few shots from the party

We were too busy having fun, that the pics of all the chilluns at the party are few and far between... above is max and colton


Cousin Linus

Happy First Birthday Colton and Sulley!!

We celebrated Colton and Sulley's first birthday at JW Tumbles, a local play place for little kids. because most of the kids there were under the age of one, the activities were a little less structured than they would have been for a bigger kid's party. we shared the day with many of our friends and family! it was fun to watch the little ones play in the ball pit, swing, zoom down the zip line, and just crawl around like crazy munchkins. There was definitely plenty to keep the kids occupied while the moms and dads sipped on lynchburg lemonades and snacked on ham party rolls, shrimp cocktail and BLT dip. what birthday party isn't complete without cupcakes and better yet, what Greg and Laura soiree isn't complete without Krispy Kreme donought favors?!

Turning one is double the fun! Twice the wishes!!

Thanks to everyone to helped celebrate such a special day with us!
We're so lucky to have you all! MUWAHH

Monday, April 20, 2009

Saturating the Sun on Saturday!

We spent most of Saturday outside enjoying breakast with the Lee's at the Eastern Market and then spent the remainder of the afternoon at the 'pit' in Beverly Hills. Colton and Sulley soaked up as much sun as they could in about an hour. As usual, the kids play along side each other while getting dual driving lessons.... Sulley felt it was most fitting for her to take a spin in the convertible!

Before messing up their hair (Colton's hair) and well Sulley's peach fuzz, Colton and Sulley posed for a few glamour shots in the swings...

Colton Chase

We've been slacking with posts lately...

Monday, April 13, 2009

Easter Weekend!

We enjoyed a busy Easter weekend and celebrated both Saturday and Sunday! We had all intentions of getting a family pic of the 4 of us but as you can imagine, we forgot and never got around to it! thanks to jud and ing and lucy for hosting us both at Belle Haven and at their house!

PS - will someone please send over more ham and pineapple/cheese casserole?!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Montage of the kiddos

It's amazing how quickly the kids are growing up, while each day and each picture presents an amazing insight into how incredible these two kids are. Laura and I are truly blessed to have Colton and Sulley in our lives.

The fun is only begining...

Since sulley has no hair, she obviously feels the need to try and take some of colton's...

It'll be funny when the day arrives that colton is pulling on miss sulley's pigtails.
Payback is a b***h

Always smiling, now if i could just get some teeth!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Put your best foot forward!

For the past two weeks, miss sulley has started to take a few steps! It seems as if everyday she grows more and more confident and takes one more step than the day before. i have a feeling that greg and i are going to blink and she'll be taking off running! sulley has also started climbing things... oh joy!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Weekend in Jax

The Allens & The Careys

We spent the weekend in Jacksonville at Tabitha and John's wedding. Everything was beautiful and thanks to everyone who hosted pre-wedding festivities. It was a busy weekend but was nice to visit with mom and lots of friends that we don't see too often!

A big thanks to mom and dad allen who took care of Colton and sulley! they had a ball and slept great last night. it was fun to see them laughing and giggling with ya'll when we returned! i am also pleased to know that my kids now like sweet tea ;)

Carolina Girls, Sweet Southern Pearls