Monday, September 29, 2008

Manic Mondays No Mas!!!

Yes, as Stacey mentioned in her blog, there is really no reason to dread a Monday. The only things we have to dread are stinky diapers, crying kids, deciding what to fix for dinner...and what bottle of wine to open or what cocktail to have tonight! ha ha ha.

I keep reminding myself about how lucky I am to 1) have soo many friends that have just had babies or are preggers and 2) to have the luxury to stay at home (at least for the time being). Being stuck at home with your baby is for the sissies! Now, thanks to this lovely group of ladies, we have many reasons to get out of the house....even if it is for a Mimosa on a Monday!!

Hooray for Lucy who is almost 1 yr old and is walking!! For Lillian who is sleeping longer through the night!! For Ollie P that's outgrowing all our kids!! For Connelly who was just born 2 weeks ago!! For Kris, who's baby will be here Wednesday! (YAY) And for Colton and Sulley who are continuing to roll over and babble more and more each day! And.... a big hooray for all the hubbies that are helping make our days alot more fun by letting us stay at home!!

Hurry up pregger friends, we need your company!!

xo Muwah! Love ya'll! xo

Spending time with others!

We had a pretty low key weekend and spent most of the weekend hanging out with friends and family. Colton and Sulley enjoyed playing with cousin Lucy and our friend Max on Saturday. Even though Lucy and Max are older than the DP's and well... mobile, C&S still had fun watching them play with the ball and crawl/walk around on the floor. They even got a few pats (bops) on the head from the bigger kids. Needless to say, Colton and Sulley definitely learned a few tricks from being around them.

Greg and I continued the theme of exposing the chilluns to bigger and greater things. While watching the redskins/dallas game, Colton and Sulley managed to chill with some friends that are well.... almost 14 times their size! These precious pups, Coach and Blue, weighed in 145lbs and were nothing but friendly to the kids. Sulley especially got up close and personal with them and almost cried when we left.

Here's Sulley hanging with Coach. I can't wait until we get a dog!!
Where's Colton?? -- yup you guessed, asleep in another cute girl's arms!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Anniversary, Cont'd




Wow, this last picture just makes me laugh. Mostly because of the crazy look on my face. It's pretty much the same look I give the kids when Im trying to make them smile.

Ohhhh how much fun we had that night. I wish that tonight we could have our wedding all over again. I want to put on my dress and I want to dance all night to the music of the RipTide, to shag with you across the floor and twirl my dress. Remember when Bill took the mic and started singing "stand by me?" ah ha ha ha. how about Bebo and his mullet? I think we most definitely probably danced to SHOUT! before the night was over. If you didnt want to stuff your face all night with bacon wrapped scallops, ham biscuits, beef tenderloin, crap dip, chicken fingers, and strawberries dipped in chocolate, then you didnt belong at our wedding. Cocktails anyone?? better yet, Tequila shots anyone?? "I'm going to get my Daddy!" ha h ah ahah ha ha, how about chicken fingers dipped in crab dip? Krispy Kreme donoughts! Those are just some of the memories I have of our wedding -- that and it being over and not wanting to leave. Someone PLEASE let me stay!! I can't believe GiGi went to the bar in her green dress and I didnt. I think the whole bar that night was made up of our family. Oh What a Night....

I love you!!

Happy Anniversary!

It's pretty amazing to think that we've been married for 4 years. I have to say, that time truly does fly when you're having fun. It seems like just yesterday we were at the Dave Matthews concert, partying at Brian's parents house in greenville. It's funny to think about junior prom and how you were mixing us drinks of malibu and grape juice. Or remember all the times we rode up to the lake in your jeep? Whether it was just us or you driving myself, leslie and kelly, ha ha haha, those were the days.... I'm pretty sure that we always made you stop at DQ! Remember when came to the beach with us and how i cried when you left to go home for yearbook camp? uhh Dork. Jk. How about the time you went to Destin with us and we went parasailing for the first time? Or the time you killed my grandaddy's lincoln towncar when we lived in ATL. ha h aha ha. Or... when you so graciously gave Lindsay your shoes while we were tailgating because she had blisters from her heels. Yes, you walked barefoot to the tailgate just so one of my best friends would feel better... Yes these are only SOME of the reasons I love you....






Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Monday, September 22, 2008

Just for Kicks

Watch out Landon Donovan and Mia Hamm!!

Colton and Sulley once again have amazed us with their athletic ability. Who knew that a 5 month old could kick a soccer ball? Okay, so Sulley could really care less about the ball and obviousy prefers to play with her bunny rabbit toy but Colton loves his new soccer ball! I'm not kidding when i say that he loves to kick the ball. We roll it to him and he kicks it right back! Once he's starts walking, we're putting him a little soccer league!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Developing Very Nicely

So today Colton and Sulley had their first appointment with the Developmental specialist since leaving the NICU. She basically confirmed what we already knew (that Laura and I are perfect parents and the DP's are perfect children). No big surprises there...Anyway, they are both catching up very nicely to where a full term baby at 4.5 months would be. In some respects they are in line with a 2.5 month old (their real age if they went full term) and in other areas, they are similar to a full term 4.5 month old. Essentially, Laura and I have nothing to worry about nor complain about and we are very happy with their progress. We won't be going to the specialist again until late December and we hope to have more good news. In the meantime, they have given us a bunch of exercises to have the kids do and I'm sure that will help them catch up even more. Its kind of ridiculous that our kids already have a workout routine, but if you really think about it, what else would you expect from Laura's children???

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Football Saturday Recap

We had fun watching football at Betsy and Ryan's house with the Drennans and the Bruggers. There's nothing like spending a lazy saturday watching football with good friends and good food.

Kris and Sulley enjoying game day weather

Uncle Ryan laughing at a USC fumble

Kris & Craig and Sulley watching the game

The two hottest beverages of Football season.... Bud Light and Formula

Aunt Betsy

Greg and Colton outside playing with the dogs

Saturday, September 13, 2008

College Game Day

Colton and Sulley waiting for the Gamecock Kickoff!

Colton, laughing at Dad making gamecock noises.

Sulley, sporting her new Gamecocks socks! (Thanks Grandad for all the attire)

Okay so maybe she's not wearing garnet and black but the white outfit will do and matches perfectly with the socks!!

We hope everyone has a relaxing day watching college football. As much as we'd like to be tailgating at the Carolina/GA game right now, all decked out in khakis and a polo for the boys, the girls in sundresses, indulging in bbq, fried chicken, deviled eggs, ham biscuits, and boiled peanuts, we're going to party inside and watch the game with Betsy and Ryan. It'll be just as much fun and we won't have to worry with heat exhaustion!

Colton and Sulley woke up ready to cheer on the gamecocks and were eager to put on their garnet and black. Let's hope the Spurrier and the Cocks can pull off a win! Er Er Er Er Errrrrrrrrrr!!!

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Solids ?!

At almost 4.5 months, Sulley and Colton are making progress in all sorts of ways.  Both of them have flipped over, found their hands, and are starting to reach and grab stuff.  Both are smiling and laughing and also making little attempts to 'talk'.  We've started them on solids and are continuing to introduce new foods.  We're trying to take it slow since neither of them are sitting up yet and frankly, there's no need to rush..  Thus far, Colton's favorite solid food is green beans.  Not surprising since green beans were the only vegetable other than corn on the cob that i ate as a child -- that is of course unless you count french fries as a veggie.   Sulley's doing okay too, but has developed quite a taste for one certain solid --- PLASTIC... plastic birds...more specifically, the blue plastic parrot on her rainforest bouncer.  Never in my life have I seen a child go to such great lengths to try and eat a fake plastic toy.  While strapped into her bouncey seat, Sulley will literally lean all the way over and try and insert the bird in her mouth.  She looked like Sylvester trying to eat Tweety bird!  Of course i was too late with my camera but managed to snap a few photos of a similar (yet not so extreme) effort.

Monday, September 8, 2008

A few more of my favorites

Ya gotta love those Carolina Girls....

South Carolina!

Lindsay and Sulley

Morgan, Lindsay and the DP's

Brantley and Josh

Tabitha, Parker, Greg and Sulley

Clay and Andi

We spent the weekend in South Carolina for Morgan's bridal shower and for my 10 year high school reunion. It was a non-stop weekend but we had fun catching up with friends and introducing Colton and Sulley to everyone.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Sulley Scoots-A-Lot

Sulley's new nickname is "Sulley Scoots A Lot" -- every time I lay her on the floor and walk away, I come back only to find that she's moved at least 3 feet. She really doesn't like to stay on the mats or rug because she inevitably ends up on the bare hardwood floor!

Sulley has also become quite flexible at the ripe ole age of 4.5 months! Her latest trick is doing back bends off of the Boppy. As illustrated in the picture, you can see her scooting towards the top...not 30 seconds after i snapped the picture, she pushed off the ground with her feet, pushed her shoulders and head up and over the Boppy, and bonked her head on the floor.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

The Lake!

We had a wonderful time at Smith Mountain Lake this wknd! Colton and Sulley did beautifully on the 4.5 hour car ride to and from the lake and managed to sleep almost the entire time! The DP's spent most of the weekend lounging around the lake house and hanging out with their cousins. In addition to spending a little time on the dock, they met more friends from Richmond, Roanoke and Lynchburg!