Monday, August 31, 2009

C Man

wow! another haircut may be on the agenda....

little flirtatious smile and.... snotty nose

With Colton's serious looks, i never know if he's plotting or just enjoying his nilla wafer.

When I'm hurt, i want my daddy

never a dull day

these days, you'll probably catch a glimpse of sulley prancing around in shoes 12 times her size or running from one end of the den to the other.

If you turn your head for a split second, dont be surprised to find the kids climbing on the couch or the coffee table. both kids will use anything they can find (such as the leapfrog drum) and use it as a step stool to hoist themselves on the couch or the leather chair. it's pretty funny when you walk away just to get some water and come back finding them lounging on the couch. i've never been the type of mom that takes her kids to the bathroom with her but as fast as they're moving and climbing these days, i may need a plan!

Thursday, August 13, 2009

at 15.5 months....

Sulley: has learned to climb, open doors, turn lights on/off. (note - french door handles aren't for toddlers) loves standing on anything, everything and everyone, esp her brother! sulley has also learned how to order pay per view movies and record spanish porn on the tivo. Sulley is perfecting her skills at self feeding with a spoon but still cant drink out of a straw. (maybe we're not trying enough?) she loves oreos, fruit, goldfish, cheerios & milk and still loves cheese.... she enjoys dancing sticking out her belly like a prego and rubbing it, poking at her belly button, playing with her shoes and her toes... sulley likes to throw EVERYTHING out of her crib, pulling everything out of her drawers and the trash can. she also likes to delay bedtime by pooping right after we've changed her and put her in the crib.... during the day, one may find sulley pacing back and forth or looking for other ways to get attention. shocker. she also enjoys 'reading' and loves her peekaboo and pop up books. bathtime is always fun, bopping her brother on the head with things is also a favorite past time.

Colton: has taken a few steps but still isn't walking but IS climbing. he too loves to stand on anything and loves to snuggle. he loves to play with the spoon but isn't as interested in self feeding as sulley. colton loves cheerios, any fruit, grilled cheese, yogurt, nilla wafers, brownies, and pretzel sticks. colton loves to chill in his adirondak chair and watch children's shows. when he's not glued in to the tv, he loves playing with his trucks and wooden block toy. he too loves his books and a any annoying toy that makes loud noises. colton enjoys poking his belly button and sticking his finger in his nose. (yup, you read that right) Colton is getting used to holding a football and can throw a little basketball in his basketball goal. He's got a pretty good arm since he has been known to hit greg a few times with a ball. similar to sulley, colton enjoys throwing everything out of his crib! colton still enjoys his baths, loves being on his tummy in the tub and loves turning on the shower and scaring sulley. Colton enjoys watching the fan and studying all his toys. When he's not cruisin around the coffee table, one may find Colton hiding behind the chair sneaking a peak of what's going on in the next room.

This Month a Year Ago

i love going back and looking at old pictures.... this was taken August 2008

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mama Tootie

You lived a great life, 93 years and one day shy of your 94th birthday!
We love you and will miss you, Mama Tootie!

Saturday, August 8, 2009

A new man!




Sunday, August 2, 2009

the many faces of colton

uh oh OREOS

Thanks to cousin Lucy, colton and sulley have now been officially introduced to OREOS!